A review: Moon Full Of Moons by @SongsOfKat with a reading by @jasbrai

A review and a reading of my book! Please read and listen! I’m honored and touched by this.

Panoply of Life

I’m holding in my hand something new that feels old. You might have found it in an airport in 1962 or a bookstore in 1955. It’s easy to imagine Don Draper gifting it to someone, but it’s from 2015 even if it internally reveals little or no clues to modernity.

Moon Full of Moons by Kat Lehmann holds echoes of the confessional poetry of Plath or Sexton and a lot of the magic of cummings. She writes breathless love poems to her children and the moon, rivers and trees. The cycle of moon phases is a recurrent theme, almost to the point of being a narrative but this is poetry and you are welcomed into, rather than pulled along by, a growing knowledge of what she’s up to here.

She’s unfolding a path to recovery from loss of her beloved mother. She’s reveling in every moment of discovery her children…

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