The stress of abundance

I’ve been spread rather thin lately. Perhaps you could say the same. When I think about it, what I’m doing is bit ridiculous. In no particular order, I have been:

  • trying my best as a mom and a wife
  • running clinical trials to try to find new medicines for kidney patients
  • editing my second book (prose this time)
  • figuring out what it means to be an author of a book and how to let people know the book is awesome (it’s awesome!)
  • doing freelance science editing
  • growing a garden – to eat and so the children can understand more fully where food comes from
  • submitting my writing to journals and keeping track of responses
  • preparing Flowergirl (i.e., myself) for kindergarten, which she will start in September
  • having a summer
  • daydreaming, sleeping, over-thinking everything, and doing all those good things that keep me functional and feeling creative and satisfied (or at least trying to do these things when I can)

Even with all of these verbs, there are things I want to do that I have no time to do. Like pottery. And putting photos into albums. And painting a few rooms of the house (why aren’t they painted yet?)

In some ways, many of the items can feel like their own a career. Or they each feel like a delicate egg. I must somehow hold all the eggs so none of them crack. It can feel stressful, but the stress is based in abundance. Life is an overactive hen.

It can be easy to forget to be grateful for a life that is full to overflowing. There will be time for a quiet life again. For now, I will take this please, and try to focus on the gratitude rather than the stress. It’s one of the ways my over-thinking helps me. And when the eggs hatch and no longer need me quite as much, I know I will miss these days when so much was in a state of becoming.


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