Beautiful gray

“Why is your hair going gray?“ 5-year old Flowergirl asked me.” No one else has gray hair.”

“I will tell you a secret,” I said. “Many people choose to color their hair. They color it because either they have fun coloring it or their hair is turning gray and they want to cover up the gray. When I was younger, I colored my hair purple and orange because it was fun. My hair is turning gray naturally and now I am letting it turn gray. I decided I am beautiful as I am — gray hair and all — and you are beautiful just as you are too.”

It was an empowering moment for me. Deciding to let my hair go gray naturally felt like an act of self-love and acceptance. I was fully myself in a new way. And I get to show my little girl the imperfect beauty of an aging body that does not seek to camouflage itself in an earlier era. I am beautiful as I naturally am, and you are beautiful as you naturally are too. The body tells the story of a life. Cherish every chapter.

gray hair

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