This is where I am.
Soft breeze brushing bare skin,
a steady pull holding me to this spinning roundness,
chirps and rustles,
steam rising from my bowl, warmth of noodles,
a distant, airless fire
obscuring the infinite with blue-ceiling sky,
and animals of clouds drifting on the riverwind.

In this warm brightness of a day
I walk through the stiff reachings of green.
I am fully present.
Here. This moment.

And the moment is mine to have.

I have no need for anything
but the stirring air
and the slow jump-rope of the Sun
swinging around, shifting shadows.

I take in the air and release it
as proof of my presence.

I am a part of this moment,
essential to its balance –
complete and interwoven.

This is the moment when I am alive.

-Kat Lehmann
published in Moon Full of Moons



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