Web of Connection

It may seem like there are enough of us that we couldn’t possibly matter to each other. We feel anonymous: one hidden in a mass of seven billion. We can pop out of our hole, do what we want, and pop back in without consequence. We can toss litter or scowl at a stranger. It seems easy. No one will know who did these things, except the eyes reflected in the mirror. But even that one person is enough.

The truth is, we are strings of a web. Tug on one and the ripples are felt everywhere. The litter you see on the ground is the litter you dropped years ago. So pick it up. Each scowl you receive from a stranger is a scowl you once gave. So smile at a stranger. There is no free pass, and you cannot convince me otherwise. You don’t have to like a person to love them, so choose to show love. Yes, love.

We sail this sea together. There is no other boat coming to meet us. Hold together or sink in the storm. Feel the ripple in the strings of another. Stop their rippling and feel the rippling inside you cease.


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