Adjust the Mind

There are people talking loudly. They are interrupting my serenity. It looks like I will need to move.

There is sweat on my forehead. I must wipe it away.

I can’t go for a walk because it started to rain.

I could choose to partake in the endless adjustment, the continual optimization of my surroundings. I could try to turn my environment into my version of perfect. Since nothing is perfect, I could make tweaking and adjusting my new hobby. I could move my blankets, change my seat, adjust my clothes, flip my hair, and rearrange my body. I could stand in the way of my serenity as well as anything or anyone else.

The fastest way to optimize my world is to change me, not my surroundings. I will go deeper to where the noise is no longer bothersome or noticed. I will let the sweat drip.

I take it as a practice, a meditation, a point of personal growth. Slowly I reclaim my time and my energy. I will adjust my mind and find that things are already perfect in their imperfection. And I will enjoy a walk in the rain.


One thought on “Adjust the Mind

  1. *Waves to the private likers*
    People are telling me privately that they like this post. It’s all good! As always, I feel grateful to hear when words have made a connection in some way.

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