Book trailer: Small Stones from the River

the almost
the before
the not quite

the anticipation of renewal
in your mind

-Small Stones from the River

I have been feeling the beautiful emotions of this “small stone” and really savoring the moments before the release of my second book. Once it’s out, it’s out, right? We cannot return to a time of sweet anticipation. For a few days, I possessed the only copy of the book, the only copy in the world. It felt like I was holding a precious secret. But it’s time to set aside “the almost”, “the not quite” and let the book become, and let me become a little more along with it.

Small Stones from the River is now available on most Amazons around the world, and the other Amazons are building in the details by the hour. I am thrilled that India was the first to carry the book, and the first copy sold there. The book seems to know that its words found a home within the rich textures of Garden Art created by the gifted Subhashini Chandramani. Click the link to see more of her wonderful and inventive artwork. In her hands, flowers and leaves are magically transformed.

Below is the book trailer for Small Stones from the River. This is my first time creating a book trailer, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Thank you for reading my work over the years. Writing is a pleasure for which I am truly grateful.


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