“Behind the scenes tour” of “Small Stones from the River”: meeting loss with generosity

Small Stones from the River” is a companion book: a collection of nearly 200 short ideas, meditations, and poems called “small stones” that gently unfold as you read them. Small Stones from the River is a new book published this month!

There is a story behind many of the small stones, so I thought I would share some of them. I cannot express how powerful it feels to be able to condense a personal or complicated feeling to a handful of words that describes a core human experience. I thank Twitter for helping me to hone that ability.

Here is an example of a “small stone”, with commentary below.

if out of loss

you keep a giving heart

you have won

Twelve words can be enough for one page…

I know sometimes the easiest thing to do when faced with loss is to feel angry, feel furious, feel defeated, to let everyone know how you feel…to sulk, to take revenge, to collapse in grief, to circle the wagons and let no one inside…All of these are authentic responses to loss. We’ve all experienced loss and deep sadness. We’ve all felt like this.

Somewhere along my healing path, I realized the most deeply empowering response to loss was to keep a kind and giving heart. Anyone can be angry. Anyone can feel defeated. Anyone could give hate a place to flourish.

But kindness and giving to others says you can take from me and cut until I bleed, but you cannot have this. You cannot have the part of me that shines from within. You cannot have the part of me that loves. I will make my corner of the world as beautiful as I can make it, and that is a powerful defiance to loss. Kindness can be a rebellion and a revolution that feeds on itself and grows.

That is how we move forward. What is inside is stronger than what is outside, if you believe it is so.

smaller frontcover 4

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