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This is the website of author Kat Lehmann. I write at the intersect of meditation, poetry, spirituality, and memoir. I distill thoughts and make connections, then I express it all as beautifully as I can.

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STUMBLING TOWARD HAPPINESS (2019) is 111 meditative pieces of combined prose and poetry about the beautiful, imperfect, ongoing path we navigate toward a deeper and more fulfilling version of ourselves.

SMALL STONES FROM THE RIVER (2017) is 180 tiny poems and meditations about love, forgiveness, unity, healing, happiness, nature, beauty, resilience, and renewal. The book is being used by yoga studios, by schools, and by individuals. The paperback version also makes a great journal.

MOON FULL OF MOONS (2015) is the product of my healing journey of acceptance and renewal, a story in poetry about finding happiness after sadness.

DISCOVER the RIPPLES OF KINDNESS PROJECT in which I give away books in unexpected places, just because I can.

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About me and my family (my “snapshot of now”)

I’m a mother to kids, cats, and books. My husband and I met on a job interview and been married since 2003. We have 50 orchids. I am a poet, a wheel-throwing potter, a hiker and a gardener. I hold a Ph.D. in biochemistry. I have been many things. I’m sure you can say the same.

I am a survivor of loss who is just beginning to tell her story. I believe that we are all in the process of becoming and have a choice in what we become.

I can be found as ‘Songs Of Kat’ in the following places:

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instagram: SongsOfKat

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  1. What a beautiful, sharing and sometimes sad person you are. Thank you for so eloquently voicing thoughts that many of us can not seem to find words for. God bless you and yours and keep you ever safe in His silver threads of love…

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