Letting go of letting myself go

As a child I was told that, as a woman, “letting yourself go” meant not wearing makeup. A woman who “let herself go” was one who frequently wore comfortable clothes and let her hair fall naturally. This kind of “let-go woman” certainly didn’t wear heals and nylons. And who would want a woman like that? She had let herself go. And yet, … More Letting go of letting myself go

Being A Poem

I’ve been writing, writing, writing lately. Poetry and prose. Short forms and long forms. Individual pieces to send to journals and collections of pieces intended for books. You can imagine my glee when I saw that VerseWrights published a poem from Moon Full of Moons  with the following headline: Being A Poem is the first … More Being A Poem


This is where I am. Soft breeze brushing bare skin, a steady pull holding me to this spinning roundness, chirps and rustles, steam rising from my bowl, warmth of noodles, a distant, airless fire obscuring the infinite with blue-ceiling sky, and animals of clouds drifting on the riverwind. In this warm brightness of a day … More Alive

Beautiful gray

“Why is your hair going gray?“ 5-year old Flowergirl asked me.” No one else has gray hair.” “I will tell you a secret,” I said. “Many people choose to color their hair. They color it because either they have fun coloring it or their hair is turning gray and they want to cover up the … More Beautiful gray