I used to receive moons…

People used to send me photos of the Moon. I would write imaginative tweets about riding the Crescent Moon or express my disappointment that a glorious Full Moon was hidden behind clouds. I would smile and smile as lovely moon photos were sent to my timeline. We enjoyed the Moon together, united under the same … More I used to receive moons…

Finding others

Many times, we know very little about the journey of others. People see me how I am now, and are surprised when they learn about some of the challenges I faced. The surprise is often mutual, and I gain a deeper respect for someone upon hearing their inspiring stories of resiliency and fortitude. We tend … More Finding others

New Island

Mother’s Day is approaching, and once again I am reminded of the incredible blessing of children. Children energize me and sustain me. In this poem, my children save me from becoming a crumbling mountain of exhaustion to something like a volcano of energy. They help me form the new island of myself. I think many … More New Island

getting the cup

“Get my cup for me,” Flowergirl demands. “No,” I say. “It’s right there on the table. If you want it, you can get it.” “Get it for me!” she yells. Sometimes she thinks she is water and I am stone, that if she says something enough times, I will give in. This is not true. … More getting the cup