This is where I am. Soft breeze brushing bare skin, a steady pull holding me to this spinning roundness, chirps and rustles, steam rising from my bowl, warmth of noodles, a distant, airless fire obscuring the infinite with blue-ceiling sky, and animals of clouds drifting on the riverwind. In this warm brightness of a day … More Alive

A new economics

Kindness is the least expensive thing you can give. Happiness is the most free thing you can create. Love is the thing you get when you give it away. Peace will continue to increase, with interest.

positive power

Focusing on peacefulness and kindness can feel powerful, almost defiant, in a challenging situation. After all, it is a conscious decision not to let circumstances affect us so deeply that we forget who we truly are. The choice to stay positive can feel liberating, like a bird soaring above the noise. It can feel cathartic … More positive power