New Island

Mother’s Day is approaching, and once again I am reminded of the incredible blessing of children. Children energize me and sustain me. In this poem, my children save me from becoming a crumbling mountain of exhaustion to something like a volcano of energy. They help me form the new island of myself. I think many … More New Island

baby steps

“I’m rocking you,” I said to Flowergirl. “No,” she says, “I’m rocking you.” She was right. She was rocking us with her foot as we sat together in the rocking chair, only I assumed that I was doing the rocking. Something small has shifted. So small I almost didn’t notice it. Today we received a … More baby steps

getting the cup

“Get my cup for me,” Flowergirl demands. “No,” I say. “It’s right there on the table. If you want it, you can get it.” “Get it for me!” she yells. Sometimes she thinks she is water and I am stone, that if she says something enough times, I will give in. This is not true. … More getting the cup

Book release: Moon Full of Moons – Poetry of Transformation

A journey into darkness and back to the light. The Moon makes it look so easy. My first book of poetry, Moon Full of Moons, has been released by publisher Peaceful Daily, and is now available at the following locations: Amazon Barnes and Noble We are thrilled with the beauty of the result, and even … More Book release: Moon Full of Moons – Poetry of Transformation