The home of my heart

I traveled recently, and of course I missed my family terribly. These precious people are so many things. They are their own individual manifestations of life. They are touchstones for the love I feel for them. They collaborate with me in the ongoing expression and evolution of our mutual love. When we are apart, they … More The home of my heart


Two dolls wrestled in Sundoy’s hands. “The dollhouse is not a contact sport,” I said to him as he dropped the dolls down through two floors. He stacked the toilet on top of the dining room table. “What’s for dinner?” he asked as he fell over laughing. “This isn’t Skylanders vying for control of the … More Dollhouse


We didn’t send Christmas cards this year, but here’s what our card insert might have said… Overall, 2013 was a terrible year, but we cleared the dark corners, accepted some things we’d rather avoid and found a new place. We both changed jobs. I finished writing my poetry book and became a regular contributor to … More 2013

Life of a Butterfly

Flowergirl wanted a “butterfly birthday” for her third birthday. Appropriately, one of her birthday gifts was a butterfly garden habitat and a coupon for ten Painted Lady caterpillars. A crawly package with the name Cup of Caterpillars quickly arrived on our doorstep. July 26: A few days later, as if dancing to music only they … More Life of a Butterfly