She is…

She is magical, especially at night She hugs with arms chubby with newness She is sweet broken phrases, insistent eyes She is tiny hands touching my face She is round eyes looking at me She presses her cheek to my lips for a kiss She rubs her nose gently to mine She giggles a game … More She is…

Heart Stretching

We have had some illnesses this year, some of them serious. It has been difficult for all of us, but on some level is just part of the adjustment to being a family of four. The larger the family, the more of everything there is, including more illnesses. I’ve been stretched by it, by the … More Heart Stretching

My Children’s Books

Toddlers ravage their books. They devour them, quite literally. They tear their favorite page out of a book to keep with them always. It strikes me that part of socialization involves teaching children not to destroy books during a thrilling reading session but to cherish them. Holding a book gingerly like a loved one’s hand … More My Children’s Books

All of Her

I hate to see my child cry, but I love holding my crying child. I can barely stand not to hold her while she is crying. When she is hurt I wish that I was hurt instead. I love being the magic that calms her as I kiss away her salty tears. I hate to … More All of Her

Born and Met

I’m watching my children play together. My children, together. The five-year old hides and the toddler seeks. Next, they take turns on a toddler sliding board. Flowergirl exclaims, “Wee! Wee!” while Sunboy positions himself so that she has no alternative but to slide into him. They look alike. This continues to amaze me as I … More Born and Met