The Caretaking Dances

On workday mornings, my husband and son are the first out of bed. My husband, whom I call Orchid, chooses clothes for Sunboy to wear and starts making breakfast and coffee. I sleep until Flowergirl wakes up, which usually happens soon after the boys of the house start milling around downstairs. I take Flowergirl downstairs, … More The Caretaking Dances

Echos of my husband

Our daughter was in the hospital for several days this week, and so my husband and I took caretaking shifts with each child. I was with Sunboy at night and at the hospital with Flowergirl during the day; he took the opposite shift. Due to quarantining restrictions, Sunboy was not allowed to be in Flowergirls’ … More Echos of my husband

The Evolving Spouse

You won’t know who you married until you spend a lifetime with them. After twelve years together and eight years married, I can already see that this is true. When I married my husband, his personal interests included nature, hockey and history. I was interested in nature, art, poetry and gardening, and knew nothing about … More The Evolving Spouse