A new economics

Kindness is the least expensive thing you can give. Happiness is the most free thing you can create. Love is the thing you get when you give it away. Peace will continue to increase, with interest.

Words and Music

Songs combine the rhythm of musical instruments and the rhythm of words. Songs are a mix. Poetry, on the other hand, and all writing really, is an a capella song. Poetry carries its music through only the instrument of words. I think Leonard Cohen would understand this. He writes poems and sings them. Songwriting adds … More Words and Music

Finding others

Many times, we know very little about the journey of others. People see me how I am now, and are surprised when they learn about some of the challenges I faced. The surprise is often mutual, and I gain a deeper respect for someone upon hearing their inspiring stories of resiliency and fortitude. We tend … More Finding others

published in Atlas Poetica: A Journal of World Tanka, Vol 20 (2015)

I am thrilled to have nine tanka published in Atlas Poetica (ATPO) 20! The below poems have joined others on my “Poems Published in Poetry Journals” page. unsleeping toddler we sing songs about our love… the ancient light is finally home ∞ blessed is the one who finds the bottom of the ocean with nowhere … More published in Atlas Poetica: A Journal of World Tanka, Vol 20 (2015)

New Island

Mother’s Day is approaching, and once again I am reminded of the incredible blessing of children. Children energize me and sustain me. In this poem, my children save me from becoming a crumbling mountain of exhaustion to something like a volcano of energy. They help me form the new island of myself. I think many … More New Island