Picasso and Poetry

Recently, we visited the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. We climbed directly to the paintings and sculpture on the fourth and fifth floors, and then visited the amazing installation pieces living in the special exhibition galleries. Sunboy loved it, and I loved talking with him about the pieces. It’s funny how a … More Picasso and Poetry

Life of a Butterfly

Flowergirl wanted a “butterfly birthday” for her third birthday. Appropriately, one of her birthday gifts was a butterfly garden habitat and a coupon for ten Painted Lady caterpillars. A crawly package with the name Cup of Caterpillars quickly arrived on our doorstep. July 26: A few days later, as if dancing to music only they … More Life of a Butterfly

Earliest memories

Six-year old Sunboy and I talked about our earliest memories. He surprised me when he said he remembered being born. “What do you remember?” I asked. “I remember the bed was high and I thought I might fall,” he said. “Wait,” he continued, “I remember being in your tummy too.” Sunboy has a great imagination … More Earliest memories