Finding others

Many times, we know very little about the journey of others. People see me how I am now, and are surprised when they learn about some of the challenges I faced. The surprise is often mutual, and I gain a deeper respect for someone upon hearing their inspiring stories of resiliency and fortitude. We tend … More Finding others

Life of a Butterfly

Flowergirl wanted a “butterfly birthday” for her third birthday. Appropriately, one of her birthday gifts was a butterfly garden habitat and a coupon for ten Painted Lady caterpillars. A crawly package with the name Cup of Caterpillars quickly arrived on our doorstep. July 26: A few days later, as if dancing to music only they … More Life of a Butterfly

Lawn diversity

I think I missed the cultural desire for lawn homogeneity. These chemical-treated lawns, so green, so unnatural, so wanting. Give me dandelions and clover, moss and the unnamed green things that draw rabbits to our lawn. Make me wonder what lives outside my door. Give me the oxygen of trees and volunteer growth. Let this … More Lawn diversity

The Evolving Spouse

You won’t know who you married until you spend a lifetime with them. After twelve years together and eight years married, I can already see that this is true. When I married my husband, his personal interests included nature, hockey and history. I was interested in nature, art, poetry and gardening, and knew nothing about … More The Evolving Spouse