Lighted jellyfish tendrils dangling I swim the dark seas *** dragon fire the thing you said forests burning *** dandelion makes its wish flower for a day *** visit dverse open link night

Beauty is quiet

Beauty does not try to compete with the swirling mind but quietly slips into shadows like the shadows the Moon quietly casts behind my house whether or not I notice them happy anniversary to dverse poets!

Toddlers instead

Instead of castle-storming maybe we can mobilize toddlers so precious and magical and all the land would helplessly adore the little smiles that make the world and care for them faithfully until (toddlers being toddlers) we would know the sleepless hours and the biting, be collapsed under the climbing and have feelings hurt by careless … More Toddlers instead

Melting spring song

Snowflakes drag sound out of the air as they fall leaving a world of quiet. Sound freezes into snow drifts as color coalesces to white like a reverse prism. (light and sound return to the origin of simplicity) In the spring thaw the snow releases droplets of rainbow light as water seeps deep to awakening … More Melting spring song