The Story Behind the Poem: “Pulling Down the Sun”

“Pulling Down the Sun” from Moon Full of Moons The moonbreath we see is an illusion (the Moon is always-full yet mirror-empty) Unlike the Moon, I own the light I shine, as my fire grows in brightness, spiraling outwardly So, I pull down the Sun and glow from within to see possibility in a starfield … More The Story Behind the Poem: “Pulling Down the Sun”

Words and Music

Songs combine the rhythm of musical instruments and the rhythm of words. Songs are a mix. Poetry, on the other hand, and all writing really, is an a capella song. Poetry carries its music through only the instrument of words. I think Leonard Cohen would understand this. He writes poems and sings them. Songwriting adds … More Words and Music

The Language of Beauty

“I look at the stories. So many stories poring between my fingers. Each expressing its transient becoming and being and quiet dissolution, netted and knotted with others while time stops in the oneness, expanding and contracting with each connected breath.” Excerpt from “The Language of Beauty” from Moon Full of Moons. During these summer days at the beach, … More The Language of Beauty

5-line poems

…three of my tanka recently published in Atlas Poetica have been newly added to the Poems page! outside this house the erratic song of wind chimes like Brownian motion the randomness of beautiful moments ∞ when I finally sat down I still felt in motion like a momentary insight into the Earth and its paradox … More 5-line poems