“Behind the scenes tour” of “Small Stones from the River”: meeting loss with generosity

“Small Stones from the River” is a companion book: a collection of nearly 200 short ideas, meditations, and poems called “small stones” that gently unfold as you read them. Small Stones from the River is a new book published this month! There is a story behind many of the small stones, so I thought I … More “Behind the scenes tour” of “Small Stones from the River”: meeting loss with generosity

Adjust the Mind

There are people talking loudly. They are interrupting my serenity. It looks like I will need to move. There is sweat on my forehead. I must wipe it away. I can’t go for a walk because it started to rain. I could choose to partake in the endless adjustment, the continual optimization of my surroundings. I could … More Adjust the Mind

Beautiful gray

“Why is your hair going gray?“ 5-year old Flowergirl asked me.” No one else has gray hair.” “I will tell you a secret,” I said. “Many people choose to color their hair. They color it because either they have fun coloring it or their hair is turning gray and they want to cover up the … More Beautiful gray

Words and Music

Songs combine the rhythm of musical instruments and the rhythm of words. Songs are a mix. Poetry, on the other hand, and all writing really, is an a capella song. Poetry carries its music through only the instrument of words. I think Leonard Cohen would understand this. He writes poems and sings them. Songwriting adds … More Words and Music

The Language of Beauty

“I look at the stories. So many stories poring between my fingers. Each expressing its transient becoming and being and quiet dissolution, netted and knotted with others while time stops in the oneness, expanding and contracting with each connected breath.” Excerpt from “The Language of Beauty” from Moon Full of Moons. During these summer days at the beach, … More The Language of Beauty