Taking back power with positivity

It was difficult for months. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t seem to thread the needle. I finally accepted the unhealthiness of the situation into which I had stumbled. I was being routinely and cruelly dissected on the whim of someone who held the one thing I didn’t have (or so I had … More Taking back power with positivity

Light in the distance

Since we don’t watch television, we sometimes spend a few moments before Sunboy’s bedtime showing him diverse cultural touchstones. We’ve learned how a variety of items are made, both artisan and industrial. We’ve listened to Steven Hawking talk about the potential for life on other planets. We’ve watched cartoons from my childhood, including Pink Panther … More Light in the distance

A Happiness Loop

I feel sad when I hear someone refer to happiness as something to find, an elusive, external destination, something to procure, a barter with life that requires specific parameters to be met… rather than happiness as something to realize like an epiphany, a bloom that grows from seeds always there… and then I realize once … More A Happiness Loop