Power in the story

Once you’ve survived enough trials, it becomes easier to face a new challenge directly and bring the dark, musty things into the light. Arms spread wide to embrace the unknown, knowing you will survive this too. Knowing in the end you will feel more free and stronger still. There is beauty in survival. There is … More Power in the story


If you’re a reader here, you know I used to do scientific research. Science has a funny relationship with the ego. On one hand, science exalts the brilliance of the individual mind. Science barters in the abstract, egocentric currency of publications, conference presentations, grant acquisitions and relationships with other scientists like notches on a belt. … More Ego


I smelled dinner cooking downstairs. For a moment, I felt nurtured by the scent and wondered what dinner would be. Then I remembered that I was the one cooking it. Homemade bread and soup. I am the one who fills our home with the scents of home. I make sure the meals are nutritionally balanced. … More Matriarch