Discovering the Moon’s Secrets

If you follow me on twitter, you know I love to muse about the Moon. The Moon can be metaphor or quiet companion. There is comfort in watching the Moon’s monthly cycle slowly unfold. All of my moon-gazing brought questions along with it. I suppose I could have consulted NASA for the answers, but what … More Discovering the Moon’s Secrets

Beauty is quiet

Beauty does not try to compete with the swirling mind but quietly slips into shadows like the shadows the Moon quietly casts behind my house whether or not I notice them happy anniversary to dverse poets!

Nebula poetry

Rid of rote geometry, Space empties the hourglass and Time spreads its wings A cosmic worm weaving through the thick loam of stars I had such fun writing my last post I wanted to create more nebula poems! Images of Red Square Nebula (above) and Dark Doodad Nebula (below) from NASA’s Astronomy Photo of the … More Nebula poetry