For those who need it…

For those who need it: a beautiful, tattered, imperfect flower and a content bee who lacks nothing.   For those who need it: memories of flying. For those who need it: a hand turkey. For those who need it: a nameless beauty. For those who need it: the underlying, reassuring order of things that cannot … More For those who need it…

A new economics

Kindness is the least expensive thing you can give. Happiness is the most free thing you can create. Love is the thing you get when you give it away. Peace will continue to increase, with interest.

Words and Music

Songs combine the rhythm of musical instruments and the rhythm of words. Songs are a mix. Poetry, on the other hand, and all writing really, is an a capella song. Poetry carries its music through only the instrument of words. I think Leonard Cohen would understand this. He writes poems and sings them. Songwriting adds … More Words and Music


I’ve received the Versatile Blogger Award from Anita Menon at Slice of My Lyfe, a lovely recipe and parenting blog that you should visit. Anita always has interesting comments to share here and Nurturing and Nature as well. Part of the award asks the blogger to share seven random facts about yourself. I thought this … More Versatile

Letting You Know

Giving. You didn’t request it, you didn’t let me know. I expect no reciprocity, I keep no tally, I will not try to gain social currency from giving it to you. Giving is action. It happens in the present, not as a future hypothetical. Giving is doing. Take this from me: my time, my energy, … More Letting You Know