Moon Full of Moons

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A journey into darkness and back to the light. The Moon makes it look so easy.

As I was coming to accept  really deep-down accept — a family member’s mental illness, I found myself thinking that happiness is like the phases of the Moon. All of us go through periods of intense sadness due to loss and hardship. Sadness is a part of life.

It can be helpful to remember that everything in nature is cyclical. If we persevere in the darkness long enough, life has a way of circling around to the light in unexpected ways. The light may look different when we find it again, but when we find it, we know it is ours.

I am deeply touched when I hear from readers who have struggled in a personal darkness to say that Moon Full of Moons has given hope during their time of healing, including those dealing with the loss of a loved one due to death, Alzheimer’s, or mental illness or those who feel they have lost a connection to everyday beauty and the wonder of nature’s cycles.

Much gratitude to all who have shared their connection to the book. May we all continue to shine a light for others!



    • MOON FULL OF MOONS receives a full two-page review in the Journal of Poetry Therapy (2017); 30: 61–62, the journal of the National Association for Poetry Therapy. (Jan 2017)
      • “Moon Full of Moons offers rich material for poetry therapy. The overall concept and structure of the moon’s phases as a kind of mythical journey has a wide variety of interesting possibilities and many of the poems touch on themes very salient in a therapeutic setting: lost innocence, despair, mental illness, grief, family, motherhood, love, forgiveness, regaining personal power, experiencing connection with creation, finding happiness.


    • MOON FULL OF MOONS is the 1st Place Winner of the 2016 Royal Dragonfly Book Award in Poetry!mfom-royal-dragonfly-book-award-in-poetry-2016
    • The Poem “Emergency Department” is the Winner of the Goodreads Newsletter Poetry Contest for October 2016! The poem was selected by judges as a finalist and then voted by the poetry community as the winner. The Goodreads newsletter is sent to more than 22 million readers, and it is a great honor to be selected!


Kat Lehmann’s poem “Skin” is the Third Place Winner of the 2016 Connecticut Poetry Award! Award judge’s comment:This poem is remarkable for its stunning use of imagery…But beyond the poem’s aesthetic qualities is something tangible to hold…”ct-poetry-award-screenshot


  • New Haven Magazine includes Moon Full of Moons in its issue of Summer Beach Reads (July/August 2016)




  • hedgerow: a journal of small poems posted a review of Moon Full of Moons with a few poems HERE.
    • moon full of moons is a journey through the lunar phases told in Kat Lehmann’s unique poetic voice. there is a heartbeat to these poems, making this a memorable & beautiful collection, dealing so delicately with the merging themes of change, transition & transformation.” (July, 2015)
  • FIVE STARS: Hall of Fame, Top 500, Vine Voice reviewer The Rebecca Review calls MOON FULL OF MOONS “instantly beautiful with creative ideas…’The Language of Beauty’ is stunningly intimate for a poem.” (April, 2015)
    • “A beautiful collection of poetry to treasure, taking the reader on a journey of discovery and healing. The poems flow together irresistibly one into the next, as the moon cycles from full to crescent and then back again. Poems like ‘My River’ and ‘Falling Up’ cannot fail to touch even the most hardened of hearts. Highly recommended for anyone who wants feel the power of heartfelt poetry born from experience. One to read and read again.” – JDLD (Amazon UK)
    • “Kat Lehmann writes in an honest, magical way, opening up fresh possibilities the mind and heart. Every word and phrase in the book reeks of so much soul, giving one hope and joy as one traverses through this journey.” – AN (Barnes & Noble)
    • “A soulful book that I have read and reread. For me its deep – is calming, strangely and yet not very strangely so, it uniquely offers varied perspective depending on when one picks it up and reads it.” – Priyanka (Amazon India)
    • Moon Full of Moons is a book I will cherish. I will read and reread it as nourishment for my soul.” – reader
    • A gentle refocus from the wise and gifted Kat Lehmann. – Jill (
  • FIVE STAR Review from Readers’ Favorite: I was just completely blown away by this beautiful book of poetry by author Kat Lehmann. While initially drawn in by the title Moon Full of Moons, I soon discovered that the book actually follows a theme of the moon phases, which was wonderfully unique and something I have not seen before in poetry books. In an era where a poet really needs to stand out, this theme was brilliant and pulls the reader right into the book for the duration. While the poetry is described as transformative (like the moon phases) and even sad, 5star-flat-webthe poems at no time had a sense of forced melancholy, just of life lived and passing time. Further, Lehmann is a master of word painting and poem construction, and I truly looked forward to each poem. With natural themes such as butterflies, trees, constellations, rivers, and earthy colors, this book will be appreciated by nature writers and readers, as well as by lovers of the natural world. There were many favorite poems in Moon Full of Moons, but to choose just a few, I would have to pick Family Photos for the honesty of the poem, and The Language of Beauty for the imagery of seashells and “drops of dormant rainbows puddling to a stream.” There was so much color and movement in these poems, and author Kat Lehmann has the unique ability of using emotion rather than just the words in her poetry. I enjoyed the transformative journey, and recommend the book to those who enjoy poetry, unique themes, natural themes, and beautiful writing.”



  • Moon Full of Moons has sold in the following countries: US, UK, India, Germany, Canada, and Japan, with reader’s comments written on the US, Canada, UK, and India Amazon pages.