Small Stones from the River

Inspirational words. Haiku reflections. Poetic awakenings.

Written by Kat Lehmann, Cover Art by the Garden Artist of Bangalore, Subhashini.

  • 2018 Kindle Book Awards Finalist
  • 2017 Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards Finalist
  • Amazon #1 Best Seller in two categories


Japanese Poetry & Haiku
20180604_Amazon bestseller - asian poetry 2018
Asian Poetry
2017 Wishing Shelf Book Awards finalist - SSFTR - Feb23-18
Wishing Shelf Book Awards Finalist, 2017 (Winner TBD)

★★★★★ “Kat Lehmann’s original poetry shows an advanced understanding of the human condition. These poems are more like word meditations where you will instantly recognize and sink into truth. The poems touch on many themes like forgiveness, misery, love, beauty, loss, emotional suffering, dreams, hope, serenity, wisdom and impermanence. Some poems answer the questions of the poem before it and others are love letters. Two poems made me laugh with delight. This is a poetry book to treasure. I truly enjoyed this relaxing and wise journey from cover to cover.”

~The Rebecca Review (Hall of Fame, Top 500 Vine Voice)


November 2, 2017: Small Stones from the River and Kat Lehmann’s Ripples of Kindness project were featured in town papers across the Connecticut shoreline:


Explore the inner and outer worlds with revelations small enough to put in your pocket.

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  • “Profound and inspiring…One of the best poetry collections I’ve read in a long time.” ★★★★★ Geraldine Hartman, Vine Voice
  • “I am a tough reviewer.  I try hard to be consistent. Lehmann is up against mildly similar poets: e. e. cummings, Stephen Crane, Neal Sehgal, and (immodestly) myself. She stands as tall as any of us. Five stars is an easy decision here. If you like free verse, this is extremely recommended for you.” ★★★★★  Jim Bennett, Kindle Book Review
  • “A rewarding set of poetry; simple but, often as not, profound. A FINALIST and highly recommended.” ★★★★★  The Wishing Shelf Book Awards
  • “Kat Lehmann’s original poetry shows an advanced understanding of the human condition.” -The Rebecca Review, Vine Voice ★★★★★



The book contains 180 original, contemporary haiku, tanka, and poetic prose entries about empowering the inner self, with breathing room for a mindful unfolding of the words or the reader’s personal response. The entries resonate and build to create an extended meditation on love, healing after loss, forgiveness, happiness, hope, wonder, and simple abundance. SMALL STONES FROM THE RIVER is a companion for journaling or journeying. “The door that opens is within yourself.”The book’s spiritual reflections arose from the author’s soul journey, as if she were gathering special stones along life’s river. After polishing and reflecting on each precious offering, she found that even a small stone can hold a mountain within it.

SMALL STONES FROM THE RIVER will appeal to readers who love the soul-force reflections of Rumi, the natural inspiration of Mary Oliver, the lived resilience of Maya Angelou, and the simple elegance of Japanese short poetry. Whether used as a daily devotional or a relaxing remedy, SMALL STONES FROM THE RIVER is spiritual word-medicine. Hundreds of copies of the book have been gifted to strangers as part of the author’s “Ripples of Kindness” project, in which she works to put goodness into the world…just by doing it.

SMALL STONES FROM THE RIVER is a companion book for meditation, journaling, or quiet reflection. It is a companion to Moon Full of Moons (the two books were written at the same time), but it also stands alone. Space is intentionally left empty on each page to provide breathing room or an opportunity to add your own writing or drawings to the pages. Pen or crayon, it’s up to you. Perform random acts of kindness and poetry with them. Cut out the tiny, meaningful entries and hand them to strangers who look down. Write your favorite tiniest stones on actual stones and leave them in the park. Give the book to a loved one to express your belief in their resilience, humanity, and the beautiful legacy of their love. Let the small stones ripple goodness from sea to sea.

The book gathers 180 poetry and prose entries, which are artfully arranged without the disruption of chapter breaks, pagination, or punctuation to reinforce the meditative calm of the words. A small stone meets you where you are.

A stone is a possibility preparing for your hand. It just took time for both of you to get here. So pick it up. It’s your small stone.


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